500 students benefited from the ECDoE Matthew Goniwe scholarship

Posted on Friday, 08 June 2018

By Pamela Magiliwe

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More than 500 beneficiaries of the prestigious Matthew Goniwe scholarship, who are part of the second cohort of students to benefit from the Eastern Cape Department of Education’s bursary, recently signed the scholarship contracts with the department.

These students are from two local universities namely; the Fort Hare and Walter Sisulu Universities.  The ceremony which took place at both the East London campus for Fort Hare University, while the other was at the Mthatha campus for the Walter Sisulu University’s’ students.

This multimillion scholarship currently subsidizes learners for accommodation, tuition fees, books, meals as well as living allowance.   To date, the scholarship has paid about R40 million for learners to study towards degrees in education.  The Education MEC, Mandla Makupula encouraged the students to work smart and be dedicated to pass within the required time.

“You are all very special to me, being the holder of Matthew Goniwe Bursary is not something you should take for granted as there were many other students who applied to this bursary, but only you were selected,” said Makupula.

The MEC also cautioned students that this bursary agreement only binds them for the duration of an academic year.  “As the department, we will be paying for your tuition annually as long as you pass in each years.  The department holds the right to decide where you will be placed in terms of employment after completion of studies,” advised Makupula.

The Human Resource Development Assistant Director for Training and Skills Development Mlungiseleli Ncapayi explained the purpose of forming this bursary.  “The Eastern Cape Department of Education has been facing a challenge of shortage of teachers in the Eastern Cape especially in the rural areas,” said Ncapayi.

He continued that, the Bursary will assist as it is targeting young people of this province.  “Through this bursary that the Eastern Cape schools will in the next few years be filled with teachers,” he added.

The Fort Hare University Deputy Dean of Education Professor Mzuyanda Mavusa expressed the appreciation and the support given to the university by the Eastern Cape department of Education.  Mavusa said that as a faculty they feel honored to be part of this Matthew Goniwe Bursary.

“We value it [bursary] and we wish that it runs smoothly without any complications.  Although we wanted more students to benefit from it but we are grateful to the Department of Education for granting our students from the year 2017 and 2018.  It is indeed helping committed students who are coming from low socio-background,” he added. 

According to Mavusa, there is a shortage of teachers in our schools in the Eastern Cape, this initiative is aiming to address that challenge.  Mavuso believes that those teachers in training will turn things around and make a significant contribution in enhancing the education of in the Eastern Cape.

“Eastern Cape has been counted for a long time amongst the low performing province.  We hope when we give the Matthew Goniwe Bursary support to our students that, underperforming will be something of the past.  We wish that this collaboration be extended to other initiative that seeks to enhance the academic performance,” said Professor Mavuso.

Amongst the bursary holders, the 23year old BEd student from Fort Hare University, Manuel Candice was overjoyed to be a Matthew Goniwe Bursary Holder.  Candice got this bursary after years of struggling to get funding. “I became Matthew Goniwe Bursary holder when I was giving up as I have been applying for funding for years.  In 2016 I thought to myself let me apply for one more time and I applied at Fort Hare and I thought I will be funded by Fundza Lushaka but I didn’t get it.  Therefore, I applied for this bursary praying to God that I get this one.  God answered my prayers as Matthew Goniwe Bursary pays for everything,” said Candice.

An excited Candice said that she is so grateful to the MEC of Education for giving her this opportunity.  This bursary has changed my life and Im promising to change one child at a time once I start working.  Thank you so much MEC,” she added.

As the Matthew Goniwe Bursary Agreement states that “the bursary-  holder should take up employment within the Eastern Cape Province equivalent to the years that he/she has spent in completing the qualification,” said the Walter Sisulu University 2nd year student in Bed Technical from Mthatha campus Zizipho Nomemvu.

She promised the MEC Mandla Makupula that as the students of Mthatha campus will work very hard to finish their studied at the recorded time.  “MEC we are so grateful for this bursary as we come from disadvantaged backgrounds.  We promise to work for the department and be placed where you need us to be,” said Nomevu.

Next week, the MEC will be visiting the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth as well as Rhodes University in Grahamstown.  The NMMU visit will be on the 12th, while the Rhodes University on is scheduled for the 13th, all in the month of June 2018.

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Onke commented on 31 Jul, 2018 02:52

Good afternoon i am a student at Fort Hare doing a teaching degree in intermediate phase and in need of a bursary funding but i am confused of where or how i should apply for the Matthew Goniwe bursary, i need assistance. Yours sincerely Mr Mayo

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Weliswa commented on 04 Aug, 2018 08:24

Good day I'm interested in the Matthew Goniwe bursary. I 'm currently first year student at University of Fort Hare. Kindly assist me as to how I can go about to apply for this bursaryI trust that my request will be answered. Kind Regards Mathumbu Weliswa

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Nolitha Koncoshe commented on 25 Jul, 2018 08:35

Good day I am interested in the Matthew Goniwe bursary, I am currently a first year foundation phase student at Unisa and in dire need of funding. Kindly assist me as to how I can go about to apply for this bursary. I trust that my request will be answered. Kind Regards Nolitha Gqeke-Koncoshe

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