Communication Services Introduces a Calendar of Events

Posted on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

By Pamela Magiliwe

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The communication Services Directorate has recently developed a monthly events calendar to eliminate the on-going miscommunication and clashing of Departmental events.

Information appearing on this calendar is collated by the Communications Directorate and processed before it appears in this calendar.  All chief directorates and directorates are expected to contribute with the list of their monthly activities, at least a month before so that their activities can appear in this calendar.

The Department of Education Media Liaison and Public Relations Officer Malibongwe Mtima explained that the events calendar was developed to ensure that the communications directorate is able to delegate and provide support to each directorate having an event. “Our directorates need to work out their monthly events and submit them on time”, said Mtima

For those needing the departmental leadership like the MEC and SG, directorates are expected to get approval from these offices before such dates are made public to avoid them clashing with the diaries of the leadership.  “We need to avoid last minutes requests as they spoil working relations and start working smart.  It should be remembered that last minute events lead to constraints and poor service” said Mtima.

Currently, chief directorates and directorates are working independently however that results in miscommunication amongst each other and clashing dates for their events. Mtima emphasised that the Communications Directorate developed this tool to ensure that events are lined up according to dates so that the department can enjoy proper profiling with no clashing dates.

Acting Chief Director for Strategic Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Neliswa Kanjana expressed how excited she is about the calendar. “Our directorate has been working together with communications,submitting these events on time over the years as we need them to profile our events.  They also help to upload departmental plans and reports on the departmental website for the public to be able to access them” explained Kanjana.

FET Band & Extra Curriculum Project Managers responsible for School enrichment and Extra activities, Daniel Sotyato, described this calendar as a powerful tool helping them to plan properly.  “Communications has been very supportive in our events from branding to media coverage however the biggest challenge we face leading to noncompliance to this wonderful initiative is signing late of our directorates submissions which normally result to postponements and ultimately events clatching.  We need the management to know that signing these late can lead to these unnecessary clashes of dates and unavailability of the leadership as it may be double booked”;said Sotyato.

Education Social Support Services (ESSS) Chief Directorate Office Manager, Siphokazi Magadla is glad to hear about this monthly events calendar that communications has developed.  “I believe this will assist ESSS in planning our monthly events. The duplication of events on the same day is one of many challenges that we once faced as we once had an event where MEC was handing over Bakkies to Agricultural Schools and there was no branding, it was a disgrace.  To ensure professionalism and proper support by those we need, all directorates must submit their monthly plan to communications, this will make things change for the better”, Magadla.

The department’s Events Officer, Ayanda Njoliwho is part of the branding team working closely with all the directorates explained how miscommunication and clashing dates affects their work. “Most of the time we get invitations on the day of the event and we are expected to rush and attend these event.  I urge all directorates to please submit their events to the office of the director Communications at least a month before so that we can plan and provide the needed support. Directorates should plan their events on time as this will make us work a better”, concluded Njoli.


  • The calendar improves planning;
  • Events must be submitted at least a month or so before they happen;
  • Late submission of events leads to them poorly profiled;
  • Events can be emailed of hand delivered to the Communications Directorate;
  • Emailed events should be addressed to

The Communications directorate offers the following services to those events submitted on time:

  • Onsite support on the day of the event;
  • Profiling the event through radio;
  • Announcing the event on Twitter / Facebook a week before and on the day
  • Mobilising the media for the event and
  • Branding the event with all departmental branding material
  • Designing and printing the programme of the event by Communication

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