EC Education holds a District Education Summit

Posted on Monday, 03 May 2021

By Thando Ngcume

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Interfacing public sector operations to attain Social Cohesion in the midst of the COVID 19 and beyond for realization and actualization of a decolonized education system was the theme of the Education Summit held by the Eastern Cape Department of Education MEC, Honorable Fundile Gade in Engcobo, Chris Hani East Education District.

The Summit came as one of the Education District Forums (DEF) to address the implementation of the Education New Service Delivery Model in 2017 in the province having specific obligations to District Directors.

Chris Hani East District Director Chris Mtshotane said “The purpose of the Education Summit is to facilitate integration of all stakeholders of the District and will give an effective participatory attitude within the public sector departments in the districts to attain social cohesion, generally this will sensitize all our stakeholders of the crucial role each of them has to play to enhance district performance to lay proper foundation for the establishment of the school governing body association in the district.”

Addressing the audience on the key strategic goals of the Education Department and setting the tone and addressing the key strategic goals of the education department, the ECDoE MEC Fundile Gade said, “ We have taken a decision as a collective of the sector in the province to create a culture of accountability and the culture of interaction with the people of the province on a wide range of issues affecting the education system, so as the department the gathering on of this nature will assist us to commit ourselves to take this root almost each and every quarter of the academic year to make proper reflections, proper lessons and strategic way forward on the matters that continues to draw attention of the people of the province in the sector “.

Confronting barriers posed by small and unviable schools to provision of quality public education through rationalization, re-alignment, merge and closure of schools was one of the key issues discussed during the commission process, School Rationalization and Realignment Program Education Official, Phaphama Mfenyana said “Education is a societal matter hence stakeholder mobilization is an important element to ensure our education system functions optimally, so school Landscape Management is transversal in nature hence various stakeholders have their roles and responsibilities that are crucial towards improving the quality of Education in the Eastern Cape.”

"Therefore, continuous dissemination of information between land owners, traditional authorities, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, non-governmental organization, labour unions and other provincial departments will enhance relationships and assist cooperation and attainment of provision of quality education in all our schools," added Phaphama.

The Summit was a success and will yield positive spin offs for the districts.

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