ECDoE celebrates Young Girls through sports

Posted on Wednesday, 29 August 2018

By Nobulali Sigabi

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In a sporting tournament held at Aliwal North during this women’s month, ECDOE girl learners showcased their prowess in previously male dominated sporting codes such as rugby, soccer and softball.

It is the desire of the Department of education to build and develop learners holistically and not only in academics, as some leaners display more ability in other activities than books. Opening up diverse opportunities to learners is paramount as this gives them an expanded platform for different career choices and also creates prospects of acquiring new skills.

These sporting programmes also promote self-confidence and allows learners to grow in different spheres of life. They also encourage to know that nothing is impossible in life and they have the strength and capacity to do what boys can do.  Just as Mama Sisulu was bold enough to participate in the 1956 women’s march against a system that sought to demean women and render them powerless, these girls are fighting the same school of thought that undermines the power and ability of a girl child. This was evident in the way they displayed their skills and understanding of these games that are thought to be boys’ domain. Holding these kind of activities go a long way in braking these stereotypes.

Speaking to Ntsikelelo Vazi,  Director of School Enrichment, School Safety and Social Cohesion, he said that the objective of these games is to allow women to brake the artificial walls of stereotypes that women cannot play and excel in the sport that used to be dominated by males.

This women’s month is also dedicated to the life and times of Mama Albertina Sisulu. It is women of Sisulu’s calibre that encourage women to be the best they can be and aim to achieve the impossible. It is their relentless spirits that allow women to dare bulldoze in these so called male dominated fields and dare question the notion of “This is a man’s world”. Women are raising up their flag and excelling in all spheres of life and also taking part in the restructuring of systems that promote exclusivity.

These programmes are also a way of addressing social ill that seem to be a stumbling block in the development and growth of our youth. Keeping them busy with sport gives them something to do and to look forward to on a daily basis. Something they can own and enjoy and aspire to be better at as this opens opportunities to take part in professional sports.

Black child it’s possible, grab all opportunities with both hands.

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