ECDOE Launches School Safety Month in Whittlesea

Posted on Thursday, 12 April 2018

By Pamela Magiliwe

Category: Latest News

The Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDoE) in partnership with the Department of Safety Liaison recently launched the School Safety programme in Dongwe Location outside Whittlesea recently.

Present in this launch was the South African Police Services (SAPS) provincial leadership, Eastern Cape Education department and the Department of Safety and Liaison. These departments partnered to combat crime and gangsterism in local schools.

Provincial School Safety Co-ordinator, MphathisiSongcacalled for community support in his message during the launch. “We have chosen to have this launch here in Dongwe as this place is commonly is a hot spot for gangsters, high in learner dropout as well as rape.  We call upon the local community to work together with the departments to fight crime and drug abuse as they affect our learners”, said Songca.

According to Songca, ‘there are many challenges that schools are facing, therefore departments decided to join hands and declare February as the school safety month to protect our learners”. “The use of drugs, gangsterism and bulling seem to be the challenge in our schools.  Theserequire aspecial attention to be resolved,” said Songca.

Songca also announced that the departments has planned four roadshows for Joe Gqabi, Christ Hani, Nelson Mandela and Uitenhage, where they are campaigning and making awareness on school safety.

Ekuphumleni High School grade 11 learner,YanathiNgamlanawho was part of the event also confirmed that there is a lot of gangsterism in the area. “These gangsters use drugs then after misbehave as they rob people in the community.  We urge the police to act and to take these criminals to jail where they are going to be taught a lot of things including respect so they come back clean.  We don’t feel safe,” said Ngamlana.

Local youth member,Lukhanyo Peter thanked the departments for choosing her locality. “This is a great initiative by these departments and as the youth of Dongwe we also wish other departments could join in in terms of developing the community, creating programmes and activities that will enable youth to showcase their skills,” pleaded Peter.

Alocal community member and a parent NombuleloMbuyazwe was very excited about the launch.  Mbuyazwewished this campaign could have a good impact on the youth of her locality, Dongwe. “As a parent I am very happy about this initiative that these department have come to do here, and also for choosing to launch school safety month in our community. Hopefully we will play our part as parents to fight this crime so that learners are protected and safe in schools”, concluded Mbuyazwe.

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