ECDoE launches SGB Indaba

Posted on Monday, 05 March 2018

By Thando Ngcume

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ECDoE launches SGB Indaba

The Eastern Cape Department of Education Institutional Development Support and Governance(IDS & G) Directorate, hosted a School Governing Body (SGB) Indaba launch at the King David Hotel in East London recently.

The purpose of the launch was to arise from the findings by the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motsegka that poor results are due to lack of leadership, management and governance of schools. Pula Mtila, Chief Education Specialist said that, “We are having this event as it is a follow-up of last year’s March SGB indaba, where resolutions were taken.   Superintendent General (SG) Themba Kojana instructed IDS&G to have a follow up meeting for reporting on the progress made regarding resolutions that were taken”.

Therefore, this is a follow-up indaba as suggested by the SG. “We are about 300 delegates from schools throughout the provinces, taken from the 560projects supported by the department to ensure that performance has improved.

“Through this event, I have learnt a lot, starting from interacting with other colleagues from various districts and how best to deal with SGB issues, especially in vulnerable situations and we also share our different experiences,” said Nontombi Namba, SGB Co-ordinator from Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan.She further said that the most important thing to do now, is to do awareness to inform all parents about the upcoming SGB elections.  “The purpose is to redress imbalances of the past and thus cannot be done overnight, as I was involved in previous SGB elections, the upcoming ones are more intense as people have a better knowledge or are fully informed.”

She further said,“the best part that I liked it’swhen the MEC spoke about the School Nutrition programme, Corruption and criminals. Schools were living in fear but the department has now come up with an approach to deal with such issues.”

As different issues were addressed in the Indaba launch, Mama Mampunde from Amathole East commented on the scholar transport issue saying,“We cannot run away from this, the department is failing to fix the scholar transport problem”. As we are from different districts like BCF, we once called upon a proposition for the department to invite someone responsible for the scholar transport at the department of transport inorder to try to resolve this problem and that has not happened until now.

Therefore, this was a very successful event which created a platform for SGB dialogue to strengthen governance, which will result in the functionality of schools.

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