Statement on the rollout of PPEs to EC Schools

Posted on Wednesday, 27 January 2021

By Communications

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The Daily Dispatch of the 23/01/2021 has reference.

The Department took a deliberate decision to decentralise the procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to schools for Term 1 of the academic year.

his is in line with the 2021 school readiness plan adopted by the Department. This rollout plan for 2021 is at an advance stage as the department seeks to ensure that schools are ready for the re-opening of schools.

The rollout plan is outlined in a Memorandum Titled: Instruction 51 – ‘Provisioning of PPEs For Schools’ (January – March 2021) that was sent to schools, social partners (organised labour) and School Governing Body Associations by the Department to keep them abreast of development relating to this new and different approach.

The new approach of decentralising procurement of PPEs will be done through the District offices to ensure observation of Procurement Policies and Treasury regulations.  To ensure that all schools are able to procure PPEs, the Department made a transfer of R24.1 million in January 2021 (for January to March) to schools, topping up to the R2.4 billion of Norms and Standards already transferred to schools in 2020. 

Key elements of the procurement strategy for the first quarter of the academic year are as follows: 

  • Schools are authorised to procure PPEs from resources available in their accounts which may include utilizing savings realized in any area in the School’s account.
  • Additional funds from the NSNP and HIV/AIDS grants will be transferred to schools to augment whatever is available in the school’s coffers.
  • Procurement should be a top-up on what was available when schools closed in December 2020.
  • This is a once-off concession which should be enough to cover the period between opening of schools and the end of the first school term in 2021. Prescribed procurement procedures are to be followed at all times. All records are to be kept for audit purpose.
  • The department has provided all schools with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) to guide the above-mentioned process. Any deviation from the procedures will be sanctioned by the District Director.
  • The list of suppliers who were previously engaged in procurement of PPEs at the beginning of the pandemic was attached for ease of reference, and pricing has to comply with the National Treasury instruction notes.
  • Districts were urged to support schools in ensuring that no school opens without the necessary PPEs which comply with the stipulated quality and quantity standards as specified by Department of Health.
  • Specifications were sent out to all schools in this regard. Districts were further required to verify consignments acquired by schools within seven (7) days of opening of schools.
  • As part of monitoring, the Department has prepared a Provincial Team to assist with trouble shooting any emergencies that would require as such.  This will guarantee that all procurement processes and regulations which require schools to procure goods of quality standards are adhered to.  Schools were instructed to procure before the schools opening.

The school management team, the SGB and the newly appointed Educator Assistants recruited for to assist with compliance to Covid-19 regulations, will handle these PPEs per school.  Furthermore, these processes will also ensure a safe landing environment when learners arrive at school with all systems set and ready for use.

Issued by ECDOE Communications
For more details please contact Mr Mali Mtima 084 230 1974 or Ms Vuyiseka Mboxela: 071 713 22 22

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Noncedo Duku-Diko commented on 29 Jan, 2021 11:33

Delivery Ppes

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Bongiwe Lindelwa Mngomezulu commented on 29 Jan, 2021 03:09

I am a young unemployed qualified educator ever since I completed my degree no job, so can you please help me in getting a job thanks in advance

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Service Provider commented on 01 Feb, 2021 06:32

I would like more clarity on "the following statement "The list of suppliers who were previously engaged in procurement of PPEs at the beginning of the pandemic was attached for ease of reference...." Does this mean the Department is encouraging the schools to use the same service providers? What does the SOP say in terms of the schools selecting service providers? Does it direct them to the previously awarded suppliers and if so, is that legal? Were those not once off contracts. If the schools are allowed to procure other non covid 19 related items, why can't they procure these openly obviously guided by the pricing from National treasury. The impression this gives is that the schools must procure from those service providers who were awarded before, although they were so many outcries regarding that procurement, it seems like the department is extending that same sad situation and is excluding all other service providers who were not given an opportunity then. If my understanding is incorrect, then maybe the department should clarify this and clearly state how the schools should procure the PPEs, if it says they must procure from those service providers, then it must say so openly and not attach a list for ease of reference.

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Kaya commented on 08 Feb, 2021 06:56

Indeed ,some schools ran out of PPEs before the end of 2020 and had to use their own funds to buy PPEs.Section 21 schools have a legal right to buy from any service provider of their choice.

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Kedibone Bridget commented on 22 Feb, 2021 08:22

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